Transparency & traceability

Nat & nin is committed to using leather entirely from waste from the food industry, which without the tanning process would be doomed to destruction. The skins are selected from recognized tanneries and LWG (Leather Working Group) certified, which is a guarantee of sustainability and responsible production in terms of energy.

The leathers are tanned according to the laws in force in the European community, in accordance with the REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization & Restriction of Chemicals) which limits the use of products harmful to the environment and health.
Regular checks are carried out to ensure that energy and water are used in a controlled way, that waste is managed and that the products used in the tanning processes have been approved beforehand.

The places of supply of all our linings, the metalwork, the threads, the buckles, the zips... as well as the place of manufacture are united in the province of Jiangsu, in China, in order to reduce transport time and distances and therefore to avoid that the finished product is an assembly from all over the world.

The words of the creators: "this sustainability approach is reflected in the close ties and solidity of our relationships with our suppliers and partners with whom we have collaborated since our beginnings nearly 15 years ago and allows us to ensure a level of environmental requirements and well-being of their employees