To each personality his handbag

Which bag is made for you?

Between your handbag and you, it's a long love story. Love at first sight cannot be explained. Your bag being the reflection of your personality, there is no doubt that it occupies an important place in your life.
In this selection, we offer you a model for each character, which will suit your mood of the day and your schedule. From details to textures and volumes, everything has been thought out to accompany you a little, a lot, passionately.

Which one looks the best to you?

7 p.m., you close your laptop after a long day that has been a succession of emails and meetings. It's now time for the after-work! Head to the rooftop that has just opened to toast happily with friends. After swapping your moccasins for your pair of pumps and putting on a touch of red, you grab your inseparable Hazel clutch. Its vintage style with a kissing clasp allows you to carry all your precious possessions: purse, smartphone, keys...

This Hazel bag is your accomplice day and night! Your entourage knows it very well: you have no time to waste and you only think for yourself.

Our mini Macy lets you carry your favorite things all day long. A new version of Nat & Nin's signature bag, the timeless Macy transcribes the brand's free spirit with its rectangular shape and removable shoulder strap. We find all the details in its mini format that made the success of this it-bag. Your attention please: it is also available in multiple colors! Your pressed orange in the morning is sacred. The day can finally begin.

The phone is ringing: an unexpected meeting, you grab your Harper bag on the fly and slip your tablet and important files into it. You like to have your hands free and not complicate your life. With its rounded curves, practical handle and straps, Harper is the ideal companion for active days and last-minute getaways. In black or kiwi version, there's no doubt that it will give style to all your outfits. Hop on, with a bang on your bicycle, with a tanned complexion and a rested look, you resume the journey you know with your eyes closed, like every morning to reach your office.

Well positioned at the bottom of the basket, your Gemma tote combines elegance and minimalism with its large A4 format and its peach skin leather, perfect for storing all your precious objects. With this all-purpose bag, you naturally release the right dose of chic and relaxation.

What could be better than going to listen to your favorite band in concert? Festive atmosphere, live music, friends and laughter are on the program for your evening. To accompany you, in smooth leather or crocodile print, the Gigi has an interior mirror and a slightly rock and radically chic look. Easy to adopt during the day to go to work, simply carry it by its handle. In the evening, it finds its place on your shoulder, leaving you free to move to dance, toast or hug your loved one!

You hadn't planned this invitation for a vernissage or an unexpected one-to-one dinner: there's no time to come back home to change. No problem, since your Fleur seal bag has the art of dressing you up on its own. This bag can be carried by hand or on the shoulder, to upgrade your look and give an adorably romantic effect. We promise, you won't go unnoticed.

Being in tune with your handbag means making sure that it is in total osmosis with your personality but also with your current temperament. As you know, once you find the right one, you keep it for many years.
For the days when your mood changes, there will always be a Nat & Nin handbag to accompany you everywhere and on any occasion. Both durable and timeless, our bags are meant to be your confidants, no matter what your days are made of.

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