The nat & nin commitment

We make it a point of honor to select the finest leathers for the manufacture of our leather goods. Some of our leathers come from Veneto in northern Italy, where we develop original and unique colors with partner tanneries each season.

We mainly work with full grain cowhide leather. The flower is a noble part of the leather, having retained its original surface and revealing the natural marks inscribed in the skin. These marks, as well as possible different shades of skin color, are typical characteristics of full grain leathers, which make each piece unique.

Small imperfections visible in the leather (scars, growth marks, variations in color or grain of the skin) are completely normal and in no way affect the quality of the leather. On the contrary, they are guarantees of its authenticity.

Our leathers

  • Smooth leather

  • Peach skin leather

  • Grained leather

  • Glazed leather

  • Printed leather

  • Vegetable tanned leather

  • Sheep

  • Canvas

Leather care

  • Treat stains quickly

    Stain issues need to be dealt with very quickly to prevent the leather coating from being eaten away. Do not be too long ! If you react quickly, you can limit the damage. Beware of false good ideas! Follow our advice for each type of material in our special pages. Also pay attention to the maintenance products you use: some products are not suitable for all types of leather and can change its appearance, its texture, alter its color, or even stain it further.

  • Maintain regularly

    Leather remains an organic material and, like our skin, requires care. Over time, leather evolves and acquires a patina manifested by variations in color and texture. Regular and essential maintenance for certain leathers (in particular Peach Skin) beyond occasional stain removal in order to avoid premature deterioration due to lack of care. You will find all our detailed maintenance advice within each material category. Avoid overloading your bag.

  • Be careful with color transfer

    It is recommended to pay particular attention to possible color transfers. There are two scenarios: your clothing can bleed onto the leather, or your bag can bleed onto the clothing. Avoid contact with coats and raw textiles that bleed (such as dark jeans or new clothes); their colored pigments can transfer to the leather and irreversibly damage the bag. Conversely, be careful when carrying a bright or dark colored bag! In general, avoid combining light leather and dark clothing (example: raw jeans) and vice versa. If you have any doubts, play it safe!

  • Avoid certain exposures

    Certain exposures (dust, water, heat, UV rays from the sun and moon, humidity levels, liquid or fatty substances) and climatic variations can cause premature aging or lightening of the leather. It is therefore recommended to store the bag in its protective cover, away from light and humidity, in a clean, dry and ventilated place. To protect your bag from the elements, remember to brush and waterproof it regularly according to our advice by material.