Peach Skin Leather

Origin Italy. Full-grain cowhide, gummy suede. Slightly nubuck appearance and velvety feel. Its surface has been sanded and brushed for a long time to obtain this very soft and delicate peach skin finish. The tanning process is light and reveals skin imperfections. More delicate than other types of leather, it must be used with care and requires a certain amount of maintenance which must be regular.

The beauty ritual for luminous skin!

Step 1: Clean and/or Detach

has. Regular maintenance cleaning: your peach skin leather needs to be cleaned gently. Weekly cleaning using the Dry Brass Brush will remove superficial stains or dust.

b. Stain removal: For deep stains, you can turn to stain removal
specific products such as Terre de Sommières for greasy stains or our stripping eraser .

vs. Deep cleaning or restoration: you can carry out a cleaning
complete and intense thanks to the Omnidaim lotion supplied with a brush to remove deep-rooted stains and even out the leather (to be done on the entire bag and not on one area).

Brass Brush
Nat & nin eraser
Land of Sommières

Step 2: Feed

Hydration: After cleaning and brushing, it's time to regain a silky touch and revive the tinted pigments of the leather! Nourish your peach, nubuck skin
or suede by spraying the Reviveur Spray or Renovetine.

Reviving Spray or;
Colorless Renovetine
Renovetine light brown (SPICE color)
Renovetine dark brown (COCOA color)

Step 3: Protect

a religion to be practiced – very – regularly on suede leather, every two weeks. Spray the Waterproofer from 20 cm away
high content of fluorinated resin to leave a water-repellent layer which will protect
bad weather and dirt (minimizes but does not prevent deep stains
or color transfers such as raw denim, hydro-alcoholic gel, etc.).

Waterproofing or;
Invulner Sapphire