A step towards a better future

The first step in meeting the environmental challenges of our business was to understand our impact. For this, we have carried out with Utopies, an independent firm specializing in sustainable development issues, our carbon footprint. This enabled us to estimate all of the emissions for which we are responsible while respecting the most demanding methodologies.

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Textile, one of the most polluting industries in the world

in a textile sector under fire from critics for its role in global warming, as evidenced by recent initiatives such as the Fashion Pact or the measuring fashion study, Nat&Nin is no exception to the rule and is aware of its involvement and the importance of getting involved at all levels.

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In a few numbers

100% of our in-store bags are recyclable as well as our e-commerce packaging, our shopping bags...
9.8kg Co2 this is the average CO2 emission produced during the manufacture of a handbag.
0 of our products are destroyed or discarded. They are thus recovered by our service providers in order to be repaired, reused or recycled.
Coming soon: discover our recycling platform by veepee