Recycled green collection

Concerned about the environment and current ecological concerns, the two sisters, Nathalie and Ninny, are developing a line of recycled leather accessories.

For the first time, the nat & nin leather goods house is using a material made from recovered leather and leather scraps made in Italy . To turn into recycled material, the pieces of recovered leather are gathered then crushed and mixed with natural latex in order to become a robust and durable material.

It includes everyday essentials offered in a shiny matte black or mogano red finish for the women's collection and with a "saffiano" touch for the men's models. Timeless, practical with a minimalist look lined in recycled cotton.

This new range, produced from reconstituted leather, is part of a sustainability approach, just like the range in vegetable tanning , present since 2019. A significant novelty for the brand and the designers who were keen to develop a responsible and environmentally friendly product.

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