Grained leather

Italy. Full grain cowhide, rectified or corrected and printed grains. The item has a very soft and waxed feel. Slightly opaque appearance.

The beauty ritual for luminous skin!

Step 1: Clean and/or Detach

has. Regular maintenance cleaning: your grained leather needs to be cleaned gently. Weekly cleaning using the Oval Dry Brush will remove superficial stains or dust.

b. One-off thorough cleaning: you can carry out a more thorough cleaning using the Cleaning Gel or Cleaning Lotion to remove superficial stains and standardize all the leather to be applied with a clean cloth or Chamoisine .

vs. Stain removal or restoration: For deep and difficult to remove stains, you can turn to specific products such as Stylo Hussard Detacher or RENO'MAT universal stain remover from Saphir (not sold here).

Brass Brush
Nat & nin eraser
Land of Sommières

Hussard pen stain remover

Step 2: Feed

has. Hydration: after or without cleansing in step 1, massage a nourishing and slightly waterproofing treatment using the Universal Cream with your finger. After a period of absorption, you can buff with Chamoisine for a shiny finish.

b. Restoration: for restoration operations on worn, scratched and UV-lightened smooth leather, you can turn to a deep pigment dye such as CREME RENOVATRICE or JUVACUIR from Saphir (not sold here, contact the brand with a photo to obtain the color chart and instructions for use).

Universal colorless cream or;
Black universal cream

Step 3: Protect

Waterproofing: a religion to be practiced regularly on grained leather, once a month.

Spray the Waterproofer with a high fluorinated resin content from a distance of 20 cm to leave a water-repellent layer which will protect against bad weather and dirt (minimizes but does not prevent deep stains or color transfers such as raw denim, hydro-alcoholic gel, etc.).

Waterproofing or;
Invulner Sapphire