Vegetable tanned collection

But first, what is tanning ?

This is the process that transforms animal skins into supple and durable leathers.

Vegetable tanned leather is a very old technique. Vegetable tanning is recognized as a healthier process (as opposed to chrome tanning) because it uses vegetable tannins (extracted from leaves, bark, roots or sap) and no chemicals.

This technique is also more respectful of the environment because tannin is a natural and biodegradable substance.

In addition to being less harmful to the planet, this durable material is more robust. A rigid leather that we love for its authenticity, its firm and sensual touch which give it a real singularity. A particular vintage charm accentuated by any natural irregularities in the skin and a unique patina that darkens slightly with use.

Since 2017, nat & nin has been seduced by the authenticity and eco-design of this process and has developed a specific line. A collection of bags and accessories that is part of a sustainable and ethical approach, in accordance with the ecological concerns of the brand.

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