Discover our Pink October Tote bag

Support Pink October: Discover our limited edition Tote Bag

Every year in October, Nat & Nin is passionately committed to supporting a cause that is close to our hearts: the fight against breast cancer. This year, we are proud to present our Pink October Tote bag, an accessory as chic as it is charitable in collaboration with the RoseUp association.

Why is our Pink October Tote Bag so special?

A Timeless Tote Bag

Our Tote bag is designed in a vibrant pink recycled cotton that embodies femininity and hope. Its XL size makes it an ideal companion for protecting your precious handbags or storing all your everyday belongings. Large, practical and versatile, it can be taken anywhere, adding a touch of dynamism to your look.

A tribute to Macy

Do you love our Macy's bestseller? You will love this Tote bag decorated with a print bearing his image. Using the codes of our it-bag, carry the Macy style with you at all times, while showing your support for a noble cause.

100% of Profits Remitted

At Nat & Nin, we believe in the importance of giving back. This is why we are donating all profits from this Tote bag in full to the RoseUp Association. Your purchase will directly contribute to their mission, which consists of informing, supporting, and defending women affected by cancer on a daily basis.

By purchasing our Pink October Tote bag, you are doing much more than just adding a trendy accessory to your collection. You are part of a community mobilizing for an essential cause. So, show your support in style by adopting our Pink October Tote bag today.

Join us in this great initiative. Together we can make a difference.

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