The women's card holder, the trendy accessory of 2023

Our flagship card holders at Nat & Nin

Minimalism at its peak

The card holder perfectly embodies the minimalism trend. This new accessory allows you to carry the essentials of your credit cards, business cards and IDs in a compact and lightweight format.

Say goodbye to bulky wallets that weigh down your shoulders and opt for the lightness and simplicity of the Soly card holder.

Chic and functional

In addition to being practical, the Pia card holder adds a touch of sophistication to your clothing style. It offers eight card slots, a zippered coin pocket and a bill compartment. Its snap closure guarantees optimal security, while allowing quick access to your cards.

Versatility and adaptability

One of the advantages of the Alix card holder is its versatility. It can be used alone as a standalone accessory, slipped into a pants pocket or compact handbag. You can also combine it with other accessories, such as a chain, to make a functional piece of jewelry or pair it with a key ring for even more practical organization. The card holder thus adapts to all situations and accompanies you wherever you go.

Safety and practicality

In addition to its aesthetics and practicality, the Deva card holder also offers advantages in terms of security. Thanks to its reduced size, it is less visible and less likely to attract attention compared to traditional wallets. The organized slot layout allows easy access to your cards, making your daily transactions easier.

A must-have accessory

By opting for a Nat & Nin card holder, you are choosing quality and elegance. Each card holder is carefully crafted from high-quality materials to ensure durability and strength. The attention paid to details and finishes makes each piece a true fashion jewel.

The card holder is a practical and trendy accessory that has its place in your wardrobe.

At Nat & Nin you will find high-quality models that combine functionality and elegance. Whether you choose the Soly , the Alix or the Pia , you are sure to make the right choice.

So don't hesitate any longer, let yourself be tempted by this accessory!

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